• Christopher - #1 Used Card Salesman

    Christopher's life long dream was to be a nerd. He has succeeded. When he's not ordering too many playmats, he's jamming some Legacy. 

  • Rose - Assistant to the Regional Manager

    By day, Rose is an attorney. By night, she's a game store demon. When she's not trying to boss everyone around, she's playing a Selesnya enchantments standard deck on Arena.

  • Eddie - Dungeon Master Extraordinaire

    Doesn't actually work here, but he is here to help.

    Word on the street is that he also really likes dice.

  • Will - Boss Baby

    We all know who really runs the show. It's definitely this little guy. He's been working at the store for as long as anybody, well before he could walk.

  • Justin - Store Manager

    People call this guy "Old Man," but he actually has a name: Justin! Playing MTG, FaB, and board games are some of his favorites, but Warhammer and minis hit different. Necrons and Chaos are the best factions, and he knows it!

  • Chris - OG Gremlin

    Chris Morrison, everyone! Literally one of the most literal guy's you'll meet. Jokes may be lost on him, but his knowledge of minis and MTG is no laughing matter. He may look stressed and grumpy, but he's easy to get along with. Literally.

  • Jason - Cardboard Enthusiast

    Jason has been playing TCGs for...too long. He thinks Draft is sick, Pauper is sick, GOAT format is sick, and Melee is sick. He also thinks you are pretty sick if you think that any of those formats are sick as well. Sick.

  • John - Daytime Register Gremlin

    Known to some as "Sunshine Incarnate," John is all about positivity. DnD is something that he has always been passionate about, and he loves MTG. When not at the store, you'll catch him hiking, woodworking, or generally being great.

  • Phil - Retail Gremlin

    At the age of nine, Phil started his journey into various tabletop games. Dungeons & Dragons and Napoleonic Wars are the two that he really prefers. His current expedition is looking into Games Workshop.

  • Nikk - Commander Fanatic

    Nikk has been playing Magic and D&D for over 15 years and enjoys playing both casually and competitively. He enjoys deck building and almost always has a project in the works. Never be afraid to ask, he'll happily tell you all about it.

  • Jared - TCG Staff

    Experienced with TCGs and particular with organization. Jared is a fiend at handling cards. In addition to card games, he loves manga, video games, and model kits.. When not at the store, he likes to learn about music and do cross stitch.

  • Mitch - Card Slinger

    Mitch has been buying, selling, and playing Magic since the early 2000's. He used to grind out the Magic Grand Prix and PTQs in the early years but now just enjoys a casual take on the game.

  • Nicholas - The Ogre Tyrant

    Video gamer turned wargamer. If you are interested in Age of Sigmar or The Old World, Nicholas is your guy. When he's not busy with the AoS learn-to-play, he's rolling dice in the Upkeep's Blood Bowl league, at home painting, or playing a game of 40k.

  • Max- Retail Gremlin

    Miniatures enthusiast, Master of dungeons, Caller of Cthulhu! Max is your all-around Upkeep wizard. He's into just about everything we offer, from D&D to Flesh & Blood to Age of Sigmar and more. Max is always at the store anyway, so he figured he might as well work here again!

  • Eric - Store Manager

    Mr. Positivity himself, Eric is a joy to be around. He worked for WOTC in the early 2000s, so he is a trove of knowledge on Magic and Pokemon.Ultra sucessful field hockey and lacrosse coach, multiple jobs, and he's getting his degree. He can' stop!

  • Kyle - Card Lackey and Assistant Store Manager

    One of the nicest guys at the store, but he's Canadian, so that checks out. He is pretty much an expert when it comes to Werewolf. Also great with Magic & Pokemon. He isn't perfect though; You'll find him cheering for OSU on Saturdays.

  • Adam - Wishes he was Doug's Best Friend

    This old man knows his stuff when it comes to TCGs. He's been competing in Magic events since he was a kid. He won his first FNM at 13. When not at the store, he's playing/coaching soccer or stalking Doug.

  • Patrick - Inventory Specialist

    Ever-elusive, it is a rare sight to see Patrick out and about during store hours. You will usually find him in the back managing inventory. He has a special place in his heart for RPGs and board games.

  • Ben - Used Card Salesman

    Our generic brand Mr. World Wide, Ben brings a great attitude and laughs to work with him every day! Ben is phenomenal with Warhammer and minis, in addition to learning how to play Magic and Flesh & Blood! Look at you go, Ben!

  • Sophie - Pokemon Master

    This gal could honestly play Pokemon TCG in her sleep. Have questions on the meta or trying to teach your kid how to play PTCG? Sophie has you covered. Also a graduate of U of M, with a bachelors in Theater Arts, Sophie knows her stuff.

  • Doug - Graphic Designer

    The kid that used to get in trouble for drawing on his assignments now gets paid to draw on everything. A huge shiny hunter and fanatic of all things Pokemon. He's recently obsessed with Horse Girls and Shadowverse Evolve.

  • Stephanie - Pokemon Professor

    When Stephanie isn't practicing being a lawyer, she is nerding out over video and card games. Splatoon and Pokemon are her go-to's. Just in case you didn't notice, she is kind of a big fan of her dude Scraggy.

  • Steve - Card Game Enjoyer

    Jack of all trades and TCG enthusiast. When Steve isn't at the store, he's usually playing FaB or trying to find time to play One Piece at the store. Outside of work, he loves watching anime and spending time with his partner.

  • Kayla - Cardboard Enthusiast

    Computer Science student by day, game store employee by night. Kyle's competition for the nicest/loudest employee in the store. Will talk your ear off about MTG lore. Started a lifelong project to get every unique Growlithe and Arcanine card.